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    Just a quick note to say how much I loved the cage match episode – somehow I missed this as I was listening to the episodes in order and just found it today.  A lot of fun, I enjoyed the format and the subject matter.  A lively entertaining discussion with some very cool people.Nice.

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    I was sad that no one argued for Sylvester Stallone. He would have been my choice. Rocky 4 single-handedly brought down the soviet union.

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    I think if they do a question like this, they need to limit it to a particular era or particular class of people.  Or you know what would be really interesting?  At least to me.  Arguing a particular event in history from opposing sides, say discuss oh the Battle of Agincourt from the point of view of the English and the point of view of the French. I can't wait for the next cage match!

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    While Rocky might have brought down the USSR with his awesome fists, my vote for the most influential person in history would be for guy or gal who first discovered that cooking meat makes it taste so much better.

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    I enjoyed the cage match episodes.  Especially, what I guess was your attempt with music, and then deciding apparently that it didn't work?  I don't know.  I kind of liked it.  But I think I'm a bit ADD.  I remember having trouble with the slow pace of your speech in the beginning, and discovered the other day that I can play things on my ipod at 2x speed, which really helped me focus on you better when my thoughts would previously provide distractions between your pauses.  Sometimes when I can't focus at work, I find putting on music helps. Similar thing. 

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