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    Ok so after listening to episode 149 how many of you wanted a Cadbury egg? I know I wanted one and could not get it out of my mind. Here it is May, I am stuck in Korea and no Cadbury eggs are to be found. I know, looked all over the place.

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    I used to have the same problem.  But I figured out a solution to the 9 month long Cadbury drought.  I stockpile them every April, like I'm preparing for some sort of apocalypse where chocolate becomes our only currency.  ;)

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    HAHAHA!  ;D I haven't listened to Eps. 149 yet. But I will after school! 150 sounds good too. But Jamie, I tried stockpiling choclate after Halloween….. (and to a lesser extent Easter) it only last's an average of 2 days.  :(  Halloween is to far….. I'll never make it……….

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    I have my family ship them to me whenever I want them. Thank goodness for family in Edinburgh! :)

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    JenRoy, you are so lucky! The only time I get candy is on Halloween, Easter, and when i beg for candy.

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