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    Participant blog post on explaining some of the imagery. The entry covers some really cool pieces including the great buckle found at Sutton Hoo. 

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    My mom is a Scot. I think she sees herself as firmly British but patently NOT English.  Does that make sense? She doesn't mind having a UK or British passport, but if you call her passport “English” you get the AngryScotWomanLookofDeath.I do not think Scotland really wants independence. I think they have made it a business and a right to be "oppressed." They like it that way. They love a good complain about England. And France.  I really do not see a fundamental difference in how they would govern, so I don't really see the need for independence.  I think it would just be on paper, anyway.  I like to listen to the Proclaimers song Cap In Hand when I am feeling patriotic, but I still don't think it is a good idea to have Scottish independence.

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    Thanks ScottFM for posting the link to the Decoding Anglo Saxon Art. Makes things clearer – have been trying to find replicas of jewellery but there doesn't seem to be many.

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    That's a great resource, Scott.  Thanks for sharing it!

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