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    Ok, here are a few history websites with a British focus that some of you may find interesting.British History OnlineHere's what they say about their records:British History Online contains primary and secondary sources for the history of the British Isles. You can find a diverse range of sources here, such as:

    nineteenth-century Ordnance Survey maps

  • journals of the House of Lords and House of Commons
  • the Victoria County History of the counties of England,
  • the Survey of London from English Heritage,
  • calendars of state papers,
  • letters, diaries and more.
  • British History Online is run by the Institute of Historical Research - the centre for the study of history in the UK - at the University of London. Our goal is to produce highly accurate digital versions of the core works of British history, as part of the Institute's national role in historical research.Highlights of the collection include:

    letters used as evidence against Mary, Queen of Scots, The Casket Letters, from the Calendar of State Papers for Scotland;

  • an architectural account of the Covent Garden Theatre and the Royal Opera House from the Survey of London;
  • the Bill of Rights from the Statutes of the Realm;[/i]
  • letters on the marriage of Katherine of Aragon from the Calendar of State Papers for Spain;
  • Titus Oates's Narrative concerning the 'Popish Plot' from the House of Lords journal.

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