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    Hi all,Just spotted this section so thought I had better introduce myself.  I am one of the Brians that Jamie has introduced as a new member of late - have been a listener for a while, overdue to become a member.  I live in Toronto, Canada but grew up in the UK - in north London - Barnet, to be precise.  Those knowledgeable about the Wars of the Roses will recognize the place name - same place!  My avatar is a representation of the death of Warwick from the battle. Have always enjoyed history - usually more modern history, as I rarely found anyone able to make more ancient history come alive.  Not the case any longer - thank you Jamie! 

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    Thank you very much, Brian!And it'll be quite a while before we get to the Wars of the Roses but once we do, we will be covering it in detail!  It's one of my favorite periods. :)Anyway, welcome to the forums!

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    Ive just been doing reading on the wars of the roses…small world! lol

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    Thanks Jamie and hi Chelsea!You may enjoy this image too - quite common in the UK for town and sporting organization crests to include the Wars of the Roses emblem if there is a link.  Below is my local football (soccer) team's crest, with the emblem prominent:

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