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    Hi My name is Brian Strappini and I live in Johannesburg South Africa. I came to South Africa, from England in 1970 on a to 2 year contract have lived here ever since. I have just caught up to the current issue of the podcast so I thought I should sign in.I started listening some time ago and have been listening to episodes at the gym three time a week. As I exercise for at least an hour it hasn't taken too long to catch up. I've completed the podcast "History of Rome" before starting this one and got hooked.Jamie! If you read this I enjoy your approach very much.To fill in, now episodes won't come as fast, I have bought from Audilbe a series of lectures "The Other Side of History : Daily Life in the Ancient World" I haven't listened to it yet but will report back. As its over 24 hours of lectures it may be some time before that happens.I'm retired so I must made a little time to keep in touch.All the best to everyone and many hours of happy listening.

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    Brian, I'm so pleased you're enjoying my approach to history!  It was a bit risky spending an entire season on the daily life of the Anglo Saxons, but I think it's made Season Three much more exciting and engaging.  :)Anyway, welcome to the community!PS: I changed the subject of your post to fit with the naming conventions of this Category.  :)

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