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    Heya, all. I'm Bree, and I'm an Anglo-phile-aholic. (*chorus of “hello, Bree!”*)Also a podcast-aholic. Especially history podcasts. There are some horrible ones out there, and some terrific ones - and this is one of the best! (Edgar Aurelius, if you're still reading this thread, do check out the Russian Rulers Podcast by Mark Schauss.) I also recommend: History of Rome, History of England (if you don't mind mention of your competition, Jamie :D ), A History of Alexander the Great, the Renaissance English History podcast (sadly apparently defunct), 12 Byzantine Rulers, Norman Centuries (the last two also finished), Irish History Podcast, and for eclectic snapshots, Archeology News, History Extra, and one of my absolute favorites, Stuff You Missed in History. (Whew!)I'm middle-aged, but only just beginning my college career, starting a BA in History, just for my own education and enjoyment. (What I'd REALLY love to do is take the introductory course in every subject I can get my hands on, but things being what they are, I'll have to pass on some of them.) I currently live in southern Illinois with my two grown daughters, a fat little butterball of a dog, and my books, sadly depleted after too many moves. (But I just got my first Kindle for Christmas, and am gleefully loading it up with way more books than I'll ever be able to catch up on!)

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    Bree, I think I'm too much of a hippy to see other educational podcasts as competition.  ;)  So please don't feel like you can't mention relevant episodes by David over at The History of England or Lars or Mike or whoever. Frankly, I'm just flattered that I'm on the list as well.And if you're into Archaeology News, have you checked out Stone Pages yet?

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