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    Hello everyone–I'm thrilled to finally be on the forum!My name is Brandyce, I'm 24. Originally from Louisiana, I moved to Richmond, VA (named after Richmond upon Thames because apparently the James is strikingly similar) at a young age and have been here ever since. Now, I live in Shockoe Bottom of Richmond, so needless to say I'm completely surrounded by history!I graduated from VCU with a bachelor's in English literature specifically from the 18th century. I can also speak French tolerably well, having taken classes since I was about 12. To me, one of the most singular events in recorded history is the French Revolution. It is fascinating, and many of the problems we have today seem to echo from it. One of my favorite authoresses is Eliza Haywood. I also have a great interest in the British Romantics.So looking forward to speaking with y'all!

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    Hiya Brandyce, welcome to the forums!Actually, a fellow history podcaster (Ray Harris) is from your fair state.By the way, I also spent a great amount of time with 18th Century writers in college.  Though the 17th century was more my wheelhouse.  Largely because I was a big fan of Dryden.  ;)

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