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    Hey!My name is Brad and I am from Las Vegas. I've always been fascinated by history of all kinds. I am interested in how human life was so incredibly different in the past, even though human nature itself has remained basically unchanged. I'm 22 and I'm studying biology, looking to go into genetics research. Glad to join the forums and I look forward to Jamie's next podcast!  8)- Brad

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    Hi Brad, welcome to the forums!  Genetics research would be fascinating, and it certainly seems like it will be the leading edge of medicine in the future.  :)Thanks for supporting the project!

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    HiWelcome to the forums. It sounds like you've picked a fascinating area. I'm interested in the view that human nature hasn't fundamentally changed. Does it mean you feel that cultural evolution won't result in a corresponding change in human nature? What about the impact of IQ, EQ and technology shaping mating patterns and causing natural selection to favour changes that benefit under the new conditions?

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