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    Hi Jamie,in your Q&A session you've mentioned, that you are planing to produce a Board Game? How is it going? If you start a Kickstarter for it I would be one of your first backers. Is someone else interested in this idea?Cheers,Roman

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    I think I have the game largely worked out.  It just needs to be prototyped and playtested to death in order to work out all the kinks and make sure I didn't forget to put the fun in.  ;)And yeah, Kickstarter is definitely a possible way of launching it.  I'll definitely let you all know if it gets to the point where it can be released into the wild.

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    Playtest? Sounds good! If you need some more play testers just let me know ;-) I have some friends here, who are always interested to play new games. And yeah, we love fun ;-)You can start play test with Print&Play version or are you in the process of designing customised dices, maps and cards?

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    I still need to design the bits.  Right now it's a bunch of construction paper and notecards.  Heh.  I'll let you know once it's to a point where it can be seen in the wild, though.  Thanks!

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    I can't believe I just now saw this.  I am ridiculously excited.  I will buy the first copy  ;D

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    Sign me up for playtesting :)(edit: Was just wondering what that orange thing is on your "Beaker" badge, Jamie.  Took a closer look, figured it out, and laughed out loud.)

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