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    I was just wondering if you have considered adding a board just for forum users to add photos (if they have any they don't mind sharing) of places that are relevant to the places you may mention in the podcasts. It could be a gallery instead of an images board, whichever you think might be more useful, if at all.For those of us in the UK who might be near a place you mention, if there are Roman ruins for example, maybe someone could take photos and add them to the forum. Someone may already have a decent collect they wouldn't mind sharing. It could include photos of buildings or places from other periods inc. churches, cathedrals, castles etc.Yesterday I listened to excellent Hadrian's Wall episode and thought I have a couple of photos, all be it only average ones I have to say, of Birdoswald. Would something like this be appealling to others to look at, especially if they live hundreds or even thousands of miles away? You could even add google maps aerial images, which would be great for seeing the plans of ruins (if they are still above ground) and / or just general photos of places of historical interest. ::)

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    That's a great suggestion, Chris!  The Board should be live now.

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