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    So I play touch rugby each week and I thought it might be fun to honour a bit of heritage and went a bit barbarian which is why I think the Caledonian's would make great rugby players. Though the ref did say that if I did show up to another game screaming battle cries and painted in woad I would be banned. This got me onto thinking about the various sports played in old Britannia. One such hilarious sport I came across was cheese  rolling. The act of throwing a cheese wheel down a steep hill and racing it to the bottom. I was just wondering what other brilliant ancient sports other people knew of…

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    As I am not a sporty person in general I haven't really given this any thought but there must be some outrageous sports, if some of them could indeed be called sports, especially by today's standards. I have, however, heard of cheese rolling before and did a quick google search on the subject to see if was the same thing I was thinking of, how could it not be. It is quirky and probably fun to watch, if you like that sort of thing.

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    Found this on Project Gutenberg, which is quite interesting on this subject: Old English Sports, Pastimes and Customs by P. H. DitchfieldClick on HTML if you want to view it in your browser otherwise you can download in various different formats. Please note that it include pastimes and customs not just sports.

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    Cheers. Hah, just briefly skimming this is quite funny. Even the description of football with all its violence and destruction, I guess if you take a good look at football hooliganism the sport hasn't changed that much.

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    Hey, this is my first post :DI used to live in Gloucester and still do the cheese rolling there. Broken bones are not unusual at this event.Have you checked out the ancient art of Gurning. OK, so it's not much of a sport but it makes those long winter evenings fly by.

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