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    Hi everyone! I found the podcast, and really, this is the only podcast I regularly listen to. I teach British Literature at a high school in Florida, and have been lucky to go on two student trips to the UK. I have also been playing the bagpipes for almost two years and take lessons via Skype with a man in Scotland. I hope Jamie will talk about the Lake District - to me, maybe the prettiest area of the UK.I look forward to getting to know you all.

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    Richard Lyle

    Piping lessons via Skype? Mental!  :)

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    Hi Bill, welcome to the community!  Also, I'm really impressed that you're at a high school that has a teacher dedicated to Brit Lit!  It's a shame mine didn't, because I think MacFlecknoe really would have spoken to me when I was a loud mouthed high school teen.  ;)

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    Richard Lyle

    You would have been more likely to have Ivanhoe or Waverley shoved down your neck.

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    G'day Bill,I love the bagpipes - but don't hear them as much as one used to, when I was in the Adelaide Uni Regiment we had a Pipes & Drum band and when the played "Black Bear" it was great!  Perhaps bagpipes would be a good topic for a Members Only podcast?

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    Maybe you make it Public? I can't afford membership! (Only 13) :(

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