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    Okay, so hipster Hadrian is pretty cool, but I'm lobbying for more. Since I'm a lowly English Geek, I've got slogans! Many of them lovingly ripped off from Jamie. Someone else needs to come up with the official designs for shirts and buttons and what not. But I'd totally buy some!Offa's Ghost for Bretwalda 2016Emperor Coenwulf's Ghost for President 2016You're tough, but are you Northumbrian tough?I got my Mercian Battle Bingo Sheet!Victorians, Normans, and Monks are why we can't have nice things!Tonsure Thine EnemiesThere is not Anglo-Saxon word for take backsies.Plus, I'm voting for the "Sons of Heptarchy" shirt. I'm sure there are others and will be more, but I'm starting the lobby now!

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    I applaud and there is fertile ground for obscure references.Well I'll be a son of IdaI survived Lindisfarne

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    I'd totally wear a “I survived Lindisfarne” Shirt.

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