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    There is a ton of excellent topics to read on the BBC website's history section, which covers a broad spectrum of local and world history. At the moment just on Ancient and British history they have the following areas:Ancient HistoryArchaeologyEgyptiansGreeksBritish PrehistoryRomansVikingsAnglo-SaxonsAncient IndiaAncient CulturesBritish History - you should really try and check some of these out if you have time.Interactive British TimelineNorman BritainMiddle AgesTudorsCivil War and RevolutionEmpire and SeapowerAbolition of the Slave TradeVictorian BritainHome Front: World War OneHome Front: World War TwoThe Making of Modern BritainAnd on BBC iPlayer there is the current documentary series The Dark AgesHere's the link to the main history page: BBC History

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