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    I am not going to go into great detail in this post for a very simple reason. I am saving this article to read when I fly back to the states for a vacation in a couple of days. The cover story is very relevant to where the podcast currently or near currently stands I believe though. Specifically it is about Alfred the Great. It seems to raise the question if he was as great as the name implies or if he got lucky. A side note. If you are going to read this publication make sure you don't skip over the small sections at the front. There is a section that is claiming that new research has proven that a large stone head found in Sussex in around 1800 is that of Roman emperor Trajan, and, that it was installed here on the island by Hadrian on his visit A.D. 121-22.

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    There is a also a pretty good deal right now on individual issue purchases of this magazine, 99pence. In the US they slightly adjust the price for dollars and are letting those that are using the US iTunes Store also download the issues. Some of the back issues are very nice and topical. I did an iPad subscription and download issues to read during flights. The previous poster is correct about the little stories at the beginning of each issue, they are great.

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