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    Hi all,I'm another Canuck. I'm from the Great Lakes area of Ontario. I live in a ghost town called Balaclava. The Grey County one. Ontario has three 'ghost town' Balaclavas. It's a great place to live with Georgian Bay to the north and Owen Sound to the west and the Meaford Tank Range (now called Canadian Armed Forces Central Land Training Area) to the east, considering we're on a dead end road, there's often quite a lot of excitement. I own and live in the hamlet's old general store and post office. It's no longer neither.I'm of Scottish-Irish and French Canadian-Cree heritage. I have the French Canadian side traced back to western France late 1500s. The Scottish-Irish side has been tougher, but it's going slowly.I'm a journalist-writer by trade and have managed to crank out two co-authored books with my co-writing brother-in-law. Both were looks at the humourous side of history. I have also been working at newspapers for almost three decades.I was just given early semi-retirement by the papers I worked for, so considering some podcasting myself, but love this one.I think Jamie has struck the right tone of humour and research and delivery.Not bad for a lawyer.Keep up the great work!

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    Which books did you co-author?Also, welcome to the forums!

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    Hi Jamie!I wrote Colossal Canadian Failures: A short history of things that seemed like a good idea at the time with Randy Richmond, who is now my brother-in-law. He was a mere friend, but made the mistake of introducing me to his sister, who was acting as our lawyer for the legal stuff on the book. She was single and so was I. She used to be an editor and I still was, and she didn't seem to mind having me around. So you know, that was good. She also edited the book - which made it way better than if Randy and I had been left on our own.The second book was a follow on, More Colossal - yadda-yadda. It was mostly left overs from the first book, which sold well and was nominated for a national humour award. It was in Canada, so it was humour, not humor. If it was inĀ  the states, and we had the same percentage of sales to population, we would have been rich...Anyway - still slogging away with a final edit on the 11,000 year history of Georgian Bay and another book featuring some guy called George Washington - which ain't close to being done yet.I love the podcast and stormed through all of them starting in April - when I was in the car for four hours a day!Now I'm all caught up!

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    Hey,Nice to have another Canuck!!Welcome to the forums!Diane

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    Thanks Diane,Seems to be a friendly place.And I'm a huge fan of the podcast. It made the commutes something I looked forward to!

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