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    Hi Everyone,My name's Tavo, I'm originally from El Salvador but I've been living in Canterbury (I can see the cathedral from my office window :))) since 2000.I discovered BHP on iTunes in January and figured it'd make good binge listening for a long drive from Canterbury to Norwich. Not only was I right, but a lot of the early episodes serendipitously ended up being queued to start at relevant places! From the Roman landing episode while driving near Dover, to the Boadicea episode while driving through Colchester - perfect!I've been catching up since then, and am now up to speed (some of the Saxon episodes required double listenings because there only seem to be like 5 names in the  entire Saxon world  >:(). I just signed up as a member so I guess I now need to catch up on the back-catalogue of member's episodes...Anyway, hi members, and thanks for all you do Jamie!

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    Hi Tavo!  I know exactly what you mean about Anglo Saxon names.  There are FAR too many AEthel and Os names. ;)Thank you so much for supporting the community, and welcome to the forums!

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