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    if you want the advice of a teenager (lets face it we are the computor game experts) assassins creed is great for history. stories abit far fetched but the historical accuracy and cultre have all been researched and represented pretty well. it does feel like youve been dropped into renaissance italy

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    I'd say AC is great for action in a historical setting, definitely.  But I wouldn't say the games are great for history.  The attention paid to the locales is fantastic, but (and I can't go into detail because I don't want to spoil some of the twists) the storyline really has nothing to do with history.  But that being said, it's a fun ride, regardless.  :)

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    You dont have to worry bout giving away spoilers i dont think anyone has a clue whats going on :)

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    I got Assassins Creed Brotherhood in the sale at Game Stop a while ago but I haven't played it because I thought I should play the first 2 in the series first.  (I'm weird like that).  Should I get those or do you think I'm good to start off in the middle?

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    Get the other 2 first- you can probably get them new and really cheap from And the first one gets abit repetitive but don't let it put you off the whole series

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