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    So I've just finished reading Leslie Alcock's _Arthur's Britain_, a 50 year old book which I found at a library book sale a few years ago, and only just pulled off the shelf to read in the past month.  He's an archaeologist who examines the written, philological and archaeological evidence for Arthur's existence, and finds it compelling.  I found the later chapters on archaeology pretty dry, but the early chapters on the written and philological evidence fascinating.Jamie, I forget, in your Arthur episode, did you mention the Easter Annals?  They record Arthur as winning the Battle of Badon in 518 AD, and Arthur and Mordred dying at Camlann in 539 AD.  Those dates don't match up w/ Gildas, and Alcock suggests they could easily be off by 20 years (he actually goes into a lot of detail about dates), putting Badon back around 500 AD where it fits better (and where you've put it).  The description of Arthur's battles in Nennius apparently fits the form of a translation of a traditional battle poem, and since it omits any reference to his death at Camlann, Alcock suggests that the original poem was probably composed before Arthur's death and sung in his hall, making it roughly contemporaneous (though naturally biased) with the events it describes.  There is the suggestion that Vortigern was a son-in-law of Magnus Maximus whose reign began around 425.  Ambrosius is mentioned as being involved in dissension 12 years after the start of Vortigern's reign, which would make him rather too old to also be the victor of Badon, so they are most likely not the same person.  Anyway, there's more info in there, but he definitely finds the case for Arthur's existence to be more solid than the rather circumstantial case you made it out to be.Suzanne

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    Hi Suzanne,Agree with what you said in general, but for a more up-to-date history which is sympathetic to Arthur, you might want to read "The Reign of Arthur" by Chris Gidlow.Howard.

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