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    Bonjour all, my name is Anthony and I am a simple 27 year old Canuck from Manitoba Canada. I am relatively new to the podcast but I am nearly caught up. To quote Nixon in the book, Nixon in China. "I am a student of History" but my niche is Classical history, the earliest era of great tales and intrigue in human history.One day I would love to visit Greece and Italy and I would love to go castle hopping in Britain, Dover being the highlight.The meaning behind Dorian Invasion is derived from Greek History. Essentially in early Greek history there was two different Greek Dialects, Dorian and Ionian. The Dorian migrated Invaded south, into the Peloponnese forcing the Ionian speaking Greeks east towards Athens and Asia minor AKA Turkey. The Dorian invaders considered themselves to be the sons of Hercules and after the invasion they established the city state of Sparta. Therefore this mythological event in Greek history was considered to be the focal point for Spartan and Athenian conflicts.

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    Hi Anthony, welcome to the community!

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