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    Being not only an arm chair historian but also a bit of an arm chair scientist, this concept of the Anglo Saxon apartheid (podcast 87) was extremely interesting to me. As far as I can tell, this theory was first proposed in 2006 based on genetic surveys done up to that point. However, since Jamie's podcast, there has been some additional research released which makes this theory less plausible. I imagine that there was some degree of selective breeding because of Anglo Saxon dominance. To the victors goes the spoils and, unfortunately, woman have been considered spoils during many parts of our human endeavor.  However, it does seem this theory has had some of the wind taken out of its sails. Moreover, I have yet to find responses  to this new research from the original people that proposed the apartheid model but, if this follows the normal pendulum of such debates, it will be forthcoming with another round of genetic research and analysis.Anyway, below are links to what I found on this new model for those who are interested.

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