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    I stumbled on the idea of Anglish while googling “How We'd Talk if the English Had Won in 1066” – a book I have not read, but plan to order.  I understand that is a sort of dictionary of how modern English would have looked if it had evolved from Old English without all the loan words added after the Norman Conquest.  I heard of it while listening to an audiobook of “The History of the English Language in 100 Words” by David Crystal which was really interesting, I recommend it.  Anyway, Anglish is English using no (or as few as possible) words borrowed from other languages, such as French, Latin etc.  I found a wikia about the project,  Here is a link site includes some interesting translation of well known texts.  My fellow Americans may recognize this:"We hold these truths to be selforknew, that all men are shapen alike, that they are bestowed by their Shapand with ewis unafremthandly Rights, that among these are Life, Freedom, and the followth of Bliss."Also some examples of sentences comparing Anglish and English:"Choose right settings needed for work in hand. Select correct settings required for current working.Let brake off before backing. Disengage brake prior to reversing."And a translation of "On the Origin of Species" (!!) which becomes "On the Frimth of Lifekin"Reading Anglish feels comfortingly simple and down to earth, and at the same time has an inspiring, poetic quality to it.  It's kind of a cool thought experiment to consider how different our culture(s) would be if this were the language we spoke.I hope that's of interest to someone out there!  I found it fascinating.  :)

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    Lol!  That is so cool!

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    Kate, thank so much for posting this!  I find it very interesting.

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