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    Sarah Riddel

    Hello everyone!

    I’m new here and am having a hard time finding information on which app to get for Android (I’m sorry, I know this is an old question but I’ve looked and couldn’t seem to find an answer). I use android and would like to get an app that supports password protected feeds. I did some research and found doggcatcher (paid app – about £2) which says it supports them while a friend suggested Stitcher but I can’t see that it offers what I need and I need an itunes account too get premium which while I refuse to buy an overpriced Iphone won’t be happening any time soon.

    Essentially, like so many before me, I am hugely lost! Please help a newbie out and say “Sarah, I got this, it works – go forth and listen to many a podcast while you walk to work” I’d be a very grateful little history nerd.

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    Andrew Fell-Gordon

    Hi Sarah

    I have just joined and was in a similar position. It is not easy to get the information you really need. I tried PodcastAddict but could not get it to find the members only feed. So I have just tried DoggCatcher and that worked, though it was a bit fiddly. I chose Subscribe from the menu Then Advanced. Then choose Feed RSS URL. in the entry box where it says http:// (which you ignore) type


    and then tap OK. That did it for me and I am connected now. I have only just got it working so I can’t tell you how good DoggCatcher is otherwise, but it was easy to load up the episodes so I am hopeful it will do what I need.
    Hope this helps


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