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    So yea…Big fan of the podcast and now a fully fledged member. I moved to Shanghai (from Edinburgh originally) a few months ago and have been steadily working my way through the episodes on my 3 hours of commuting every day.  Its been a big cure for homesickness and I'm sure great entertainment for commuters in Shanghai watching me laugh to myself or saying 'Ha, stupid Romans' louder than I planned. Unlike allot of the others it seems in the forums I never really studied much history in School and as it turns out know very little about the history of our little island.  I'm an Architect by trade and have always found history fascinating but more in the way a dog finds a garden hose fascinating rather than in an academic way.  anyways...Nice to meet you all.Andrew 

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    Hah!  The dog/garden hose analogy is fantastic!  Anyway, I'm glad that I can do a little bit to help with the homesickness.  :)Welcome to the forums!

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