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    Well, I guess this is probably where I should start, huh?  ;DAnyways, my name is Andrea. I'm 24 and I'm from the lovely land of cow pies and oil wells...AKA Texas. I'm a dental assistant, though you might recognize me more as 'That horrible person who leads you back to the torture chamber, and talks to you while putting things in your mouth'. :POutside of that, I'm a bit of a history nut, my 'specialties' being early American history, and Texas history in general [though, I admit it, the last part may have something to do with the fact my family has been here for most of it.] I've been following the podcast since...I'm actually not quite sure when, actually, but for quite some time.Um...Not really sure what to say beyond, I look forward to getting to talk to 'y'all'!

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    Welcome to the forum Andrea.Although I have never liked dentists (having had savage bloodletters near my mouth in the past) I have finally found a great dentist with incredibly nice and friendly assistants, which make the vists that little bit less horrific  :-  especially when you get a calming smile, so at least to me, you aren't all bad  ;)Look forward to reading some of your posts.

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    c'mon now, being a dentist isn't that bad  :)and besides, if you want to look up torture, look up "tooth-drawers."  These guys would travel from town to town and put on a show.  That show would be the removing of teeth from people in the audience.  Ah, the middle ages  ;)

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    Hi Andrea, welcome to the forums!And for the record, I really like my Dental Assistant.  :)

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    Welcome to the forum, Andrea.  What drew you to the British History Podcast, given your focus on US/Texas history?

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    Welcome to the forum, Andrea.  What part of Texas are you from?  I spent nearly a decade in Lubbock (yes, by choice.  I got my Ph.D. in counseling psychology at Texas Tech).  I also lived in College Station for a year and spent my first year in the Air Force at Lackland AFB in San Antonio.  My brother, sister -in-law and nephew live in Austin.  I love that city. Mi live in Edmond, OK, so have been to visit them several times.I happen to love my dental assistant.  I have seen her and my dentist for about 10'years, now.I like Texas history, too.  Living in San Antonio was fun.  I like the history of the Alamo.  I enjoyed visiting the missions.

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