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    Hi I'm Amber from Ohio. I may have British heritage due to my last name but not quite sure. I'm an attorney and I love the amount of research put into the show. I am really excited to get to the Tudor era – Henry VIII fascinates me….I'm also loving the Anglo Saxon stuff. I recently impressed a potential suitor by discussion if how Arthur may have actually been a guy named Ambrosius due to Gildas' failure to mention Arthur. So thanks BHP for helping my brain and my love life!

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    Hi Welcome to the forums. Jamie does tons of research and has a gift for story telling. I'd recommend the membership, as the members shows are great. I wouldn't take love life advice from Henry VIII but some of the other Tudors weren't so bad!

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    Hi Amber!  Welcome to the Community!  (And thanks Medina for welcoming Amber while I was away from the forums last week!)That's really awesome that you impressed a fella with history knowledge!  That's certainly a point in both of your favors.  ;)The Tudors are fun, but I think (as an attorney) you might find you'll really enjoy the Plantagenets.  We'll find the birth of much of English Common Law in their reign!

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    Plus the Plantagenets include Englands greatest ever Monarch – Edward I, English Hero, Protector, Builder and Law Bringer.

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    LOL, someone's being deliberately provocative — I believe not everyone has such fond feelings for the guy!

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    Hey Amber,Welcome to the forums, I love the Tudors as well, and also look forward to learning more about them as well as the Plantagenet's. I'm from Pennsylvania, and new here as well. I am only on episode 74 at the moment. You should look into your ancestral lines it's really amazing what you will find. I never thought I'd be related to the Plantagenet's because my last name is really different than most people's lol. But through marriages I have come to them. Anyhow, hope you enjoy your time here and meet some great new people.

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