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    Hi everyone, I am Alexander. I grew up in Kiev, Ukraine and now live in Los Angeles. I am an obsessive reader, scotch drinker, ocean junkie, fierce getaway driver, civilized Arsenal fan, info maniac, Europe heartsick for life, with an office job in Pasadena.British history, and Britain overall have been somewhat a passionate interest of mine since childhood, I think. Today, I collect documentaries and books on these subjects, and Jamie's awesome podcast became a time-framework of sorts, where as I listen to the episodes, and I concurrently look up everything else within the time range from my books and video. (I need to leave the house more, probably, ha)So here we are, I sent in my membership just now, and I am happy to be supporting this project, and I am grateful for the community of people with the same passion. I am behind on the episodes, by about 50, mainly because I re-listened to many, so it's fun to read older forum topics. I hope it's okay to post an occasional "delayed" question. Cheers!Alexander

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    Hi Alexander!  Of course it's fine to ask “delayed” questions!  I think you'll find that many listeners are listening at their own pace, just like you are.  :)Thank you so much for supporting the show and welcome to the community!

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