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    Hi, I'm Alex from Toronto and I've just joined this week.Like Jamie, I'm a UK transplant who has lost his accent. I'm from Glasgow, but I was one year old when I was moved to Canada -against my will! Though I have always loved museums and Rome/Greece/Egypt etc., I'm only very recently university educated in history, and I rue the fact that I have been to Britain and the continent several times prior to this without a rich understanding of history to guide my travels. So close, and never went to e.g. Aachen or Bruges or all those Roman sites in Britannia. When I go again, it will be heavily influenced by my newfound interest in history. I'm particularly interested in political philosophy "in action"  Reformation and Enlightenment, chartist movement, Darwin, Marx in London and his writing on British capitalism, anti-slavery/abolitionism, etc. (Philosophy in the abstract doesn't do much for me, but the interaction between 'new' ideas and history does.)Since this podcast I've become more intrigued by The Wall(s) and those 'martial races' to the north (European race theory is both fascinating and horrifying. Some 'races' like the Scots were just assumed to be naturally more warlike, perhaps hundreds of years of 'conflict management' of the northern borders burned those ideas into the Romano-English collective psyche. Why are those Scots so testy? I think it's the bad diet...So I'm here to learn in an informal and not particularly academic way.  I like learning to be widely accessible, and love what Jamie does with this. Maybe teachers of history have something to learn about delivery. You don't have to pander, but there's nothing at all wrong with drawing parallels with the modern era and using a bit of humour. We don't stop learning just because we're enjoying ourselves, surely!

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