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    Hi all!I am a former criminal trial attorney from the Vermont/New York border who completely burned out on the law and am now working on building a small craft distillery with a focus on white brandy and rye whisky.My interest in history started early with "The Boys King Arthur" and Tolkien, and continued to expand from there into real and actual history.  I am also a knight in the East Kingdom of the SCA and getting ready to head to Pennsylvania for a week and do battle with midwesterners!

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    If you're interested in trading whiskey for some homebrew beer and/or mead, let me know!Good luck against us miswesterners.  I'm not in the SCA myself, but you'll probably be going against a few of my friends who are.

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    They are a worthy foe and make the 10 hour drive every year worthwhile!  As to the trade; we could work on that…

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    It's always nice to welcome a fellow attorney to the community. :)

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