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    Hello,Kind of felt that, after meeting everyone on Saturday, i should get off my arse and at least sign up to the forum. Had a really great time and hope everyone else did to. Maybe I'll have a little less beer next time though. Amazed i made it back home (have my friends to thank for that) and i was not a happy man on Sunday.Just want to say thanks again to Jamie for this incredible podcast. If you do end up coming back to the UK i will happily come for another meet up (if you can stand more of the verbal diahorrea that is).Cheers

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    Less Ale? That's not very heroically Anglo Saxon of us!It was great to meet everyone, and we should do a meeting whether Jamie is here or not!My next day was hellish - up at 06:30 and getting breakfast for the kids, then off for a walk with them in the freezing park......

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    Less Ale? That's not very heroically Anglo Saxon of us!

    I know, but the crappy morning after hangover after a good meal and a few paracetamol should have you fighting fit....maybe not. I tend to feel a little bit delicate after 8 pints (not really a big drinker) but by the end of the week I will be thirsty for a couple more pints and it can start all over again! Plus, I'll need a couple of beers if I have to listen to AJ (Alex) regurgitate his latest history installment on me, although I am kind of used to it now  ;)

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    I wholly endorse the non-Jamie based meetups.  It was a lot of fun and was great to meet all of you.  Also I'll try to find a way to get back soon. :)Oh, and welcome to the forums, Alex!

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