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    Hi,Hmmm.  What to put in my intro ...I have been a history enthusiast for a long time, probably because I like to try to understand how things go to be the way they are now.  When I was in college studying computer science, I was trying to convince the school's one history professor to offer more classes.My interest in Britain probably started with British cars.  I have been a Lotus Cars enthusiast for a long time (and, more recently, a stage rally competitor and official), so most of the people that I know in GB are somehow involved with my car hobbies.  Also, I do family genealogy and most of my ancestors came from GB (though, from I have found so far, the most recent immigrant to the US was in the late 1800s). I have been slamming through the BHP episodes trying to get caught up.  I started almost two weeks ago and I am now up to episode 84 100.  It will be nice to get caught up, so I can catch up on the other podcasts that I listen to.The last time that I was in England, it was a family vacation where we just drove around looking for interesting places for 8 days.  One of the more interesting (non-automotive) places was Grimes Graves, a neolithic flint mine that you can climb down into.  We also went to Bath, but, after finding a Starbucks and Eddie Bauer there, it felt too much like home and we moved on.That's it.  Jamie, if you get up here and have time to kill, let me know.alan

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    Hi Alan! It's always nice to welcome a fellow Pac northwesterner to the forums. I saw on twitter that you just caught up. Congrats!I've never been to grimes graves but it sounds fascinating!  I'll have to check it out on a future visit. :)

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