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    I'm a London based TV producer, film maker and writer, mostly history books.  I work a lot with Terry Jones (ex-Python).  I'm currently working on the biography of John Ogilby, best known for the first road atlas.  Starting aged 70 he arranged measurement of 20,000 miles of roads.  On the way to this career high, he made his living as a dancer, a dancing master (it was obligatory for all lawyers to dance!), the founder of the first theater in Ireland.  He was wiped out in the Civil War, so he learned Greek and became a famous poet and translator, as you do.  He organised the Restoration Coronation, became a luxury publisher and  was wiped out again in the Great Fire.  So he became a surveyor of the ruins.  He was just a lad of 66 at the time.  The startling discovery is that the atlas is not what it seems.  It is in fact the coded hand-book for an invasion of England being organised by Charles II to settle the hash of Parliament once and for all.  Look at

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    Is John Ogilvy the guy who drew maps that looked like long strips of road?? I think Nicholas Crane did a program about him and his maps in Map Man

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    That's him.

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    Fascinating!Also, welcome to the community!

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    Hey, thanks for posting this! I'm really looking forward to learning more and signed up.  I have to wonder if Ogilvy encountered Henry Norwood of the same period, who was also involved in spying and working for Charles II.Sharon

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