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    Tiffany C.

    Three plus years later, I am finally caught up (well I am caught up to February 2018, just a couple episodes shy – and that doesn’t include member ones).
    I am an anglophile living in southern Florida, a history buff (well, that’s rather an understatement) and I absolutely love this podcast for how in depth and well researched it is. I’ve never been able to grasp a lot of the period past 410 until 871, too many players to try to figure out who’s doing what to whom in whose backyard – but thanks to Jamie and this show, I finally get it!
    I’ve only gotten to visit the UK once, about 7 years ago made a whirlwind two week trip visiting everything from Cardiff to Kirkwall that we could manage to squeeze in. I hope to someday return, scratch Skara Brae off my bucket list I’ve had going since I was in the second grade, and hopefully be fit enough to venture up a hill or two on St Kilda.
    Thank you Jamie for this show, your effort, and mostly for getting canned – because this show is just wonderful!

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