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    There are two main ways to include an image (or several images) in your posts. The easiest way to do this is to upload an image direct from your computer, the other is to link (or embed) the image into your post from an external site such as Dropbox etc. Both ways will result in showing your image/s in your posts but in very different ways.Uploading an image1. In the main text editor click on attachments and other options.2. Choose the image from your computer (you can upload a maximum of four images at a time or a total combined images size not exceeding 4MB).3. Click on the post button and your image will be uploaded and shown in your post as a thumbnail. Please note you cannot preview your image before you upload it. Once uploaded you can click on the image to enlarge it.Embedding an image1. In the main text editor click on the insert image icon (under the B icon).2. Copy the URL address from the image's location in the external website and paste it between the [nobbc][img][/img][/nobbc] code.3. Preview your post to make sure the image appears and you are happy with the results.4. Click on the post button and your image will be included in your post.In the text editor the image code should look something like this: [nobbc][img][/nobbc][nobbc][/nobbc][nobbc][/nobbc]Additionally, there is embedding by copying code directly from external sites as described below.Embedding from FlickrOther external image sites such as Flickr have ready-to-use embedding code for each and every image. The address for each image is unique and, therefore, all you need to do is ensure you select the BBCode for a specific image and directly copy and paste that code into your post, preview it and then post it.Job done  :)

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