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    Hello! I'm Abigail Rogers, a Christian-college-student-American-hard-core-Britophile. For the past–wow, has it really been that long?–I've been devoting hundreds of hours to posting on http://www.PictureBritain.com, exploring the land of Britain from the tippy top of the North to the farthest point South (I've only gotten as far as Glasgow!), and including tons of British recipes and quirky facts. I thrive on websites, podcasts, and blogs that focus on Great Britain, both the history and current events of the land I consider my second home. My great dream is to attend a 3-month Bible College in Lancashire in 2013 :) I've just started listening to the British History Podcasts and am loving them.Cheers!

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    I'm sure this goes without saying, but you're always welcome to cross post or mention posts from your site regarding British History, recipes, and whatnot.  And I've got my fingers crossed for your college dreams!  :)

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