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    Hi everybody!I'm Sil, grew up in a rather international family in Norway and have lived in Fennoscandia (that's Norway, Sweden and Finland, for the record) all my life, but I have some ancestral ties to Scotland as well as relatives in, among other places, the US (TX and NC mainly) and Australia. I've always been extremely interested in everything, including history, but when I left Norway at the age of 19, back in the nineties, I discovered that my Norwegian education had a weakness: It spent about 30 minutes in total on Europe outside of Scandinavia, apart from the world wars. Oh man. OH MAN. So, in between all my other interests, I am catching up on things. These days I am mostly interested in linguistic history, but that doesn't mean I am not interested in the rest of it.. And so here I am playing catchup on the BHP after I discovered it about a month back - I'm roughly on ep 60 now, having overcome the hurdle of the whatnots and a few other repetitive words that drove me absolute bonkers in the beginning. Wish I had thought of the drinking game solution, it'd have kept me much happier.  ;DOh and.. I am trained in traditional arts and crafts, but since I don't work with it and I live in a smallish city flat and my wood and metal tools create a mess I switched to fabric stuff as a hobby to keep my creative juices flowing and my fingers busy. And Jamie - you don't "weave thread". Not even when you "wove hair into the wool". I repeatedly said the word SPUN! aloud listening to the Anglo-saxon clothing episode. ;) (No harm done, I just found it funny, I got some weird looks exclaiming "spun!" over and over again within a minute or two.)

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    Heh, I'm glad you stuck with the show despite my verbal tics.  They do get better over time, though…. I think.  ;)Welcome to the community!

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    Having much fun and it's going fast – I am at ep 90 (I think – I queue them up ten at a time). I almost fell for the fallacy “well I'll catch up and then join the community” – but caught myself in bad thinking. Enjoying the show very much, suspect I'll be a member as soon as I get some money again, and I might need to buy swag too because the whatnot button cracks me up every time I see it. Hopefully I'll be able to find something to add to the discussion at the various places (fb, here, whatnot (!)), but y'all seem to know so much that at the moment I am just reading and reading. Anyway thanks for the welcome :D

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