8/22 – Feasting Part Two (Symbel aka Fancy Feast) is live!

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    Update those feeds! Also, the rough transcript is live on the member section.  :)

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    Paul C

    Jamie, after listening to your podcast, I was pleasantly suprised to realise how similar Dark Age feasts were to Regimental Dinners carried out by the British Armed Forces. Such as; Best clothing (mess dress and medals, different for each Regiment or Corps); a master of ceremonies who controls the whole event; people arranged around the table by seniority in military rank, not by who your friends are; strict etiquette and rules enforced by the Regimental Sergeant Major who's the senior soldier at the event; relatively male only etc; drunkenness frowned upon, but if the guilty party is popular and amusing, usually let off; etc. I'm just coming to the end of 27 years in the Army, 20 years of which in the Sergeants mess and it was interesting to hear how little has changed!! It should be interesting when you get to talk about Huscarls and how the British soldiers are similar now.Keep up the podcast, fascinating listening!!

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