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    Members, the rough transcript is live and the Timeline has been updated!  I'm working on the next Member's Only Podcast.  It will be another Celtic Myth!

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    I was listening to this episode on my lunch break today and as Jamie was describing Skara Brae I could see myself sitting there and soaking up the atmosphere of Neolithic history right before me……..getting ready to take a beautiful Scottish sunset photo for the forum!I have never been and would really love to go.

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    It's amazing.  I can give a suggestion of a cheap, nice place to stay in Stromness whenever you head that way. :)  There are so many amazing, out of the way places.  Orkney really rewards exploring.

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    Any suggestions most welcome  :)What time of year did you go? Knowing my luck it'll probably rain if I go  :-

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    We stayed at Brown's Holiday Hostel.  Stromness has a lovely feel to it's streets.  Just google it, it's better than what I could say to describe it.  The giant hills of Hoy rise up to the south of Stromness as well.  I just think that Stromness is cheaper than Kirkwall, though Kirkwall's got more dining and tourist options.  (St. Magnus Cathedral especially!)I went during the summer, at the beginning of July.  It could still be quite cool at times.Obviously do the Skara Brae-Ring of Brodgar-Stenness-Maes Howe area.  Outside of that, I'd suggest going to Hoy for the natural beauty, South Ronaldsay for Banks Chambered Tomb, Burray for the Italian Chapel (fascinating WWII relic there, along with the Churchill Barriers), Rousay for the several tombs and brochs that you can literally just stop on the side of the road and go to, free of charge.  There was almost no one at these incredible sites when we went.  Midhowe Broch and Tomb are the coolest.  The best part about Orkney is that it's pretty small.  The Mainland has the most driving, but I think it only took about 45 minutes to an hour to make it from end to end, so you don't have to spend all of your time traveling around.  Try to book a ferry to Hoy from the Mainland Orkney in advance.  Rousay's is pretty regular.  Our main departure point was from Scrabster in Scotland up to Stromness.  There are other ferries that take you to Kirkwall.  The weather varied for us, but thankfully it never stayed rainy too long.  Great trip. :)

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    Thanks for the info Drew, appreciate it. Been looking on google maps and checking out some websites. We like to walk so we'd make use of the stunning walks that are around, pack up a few essentials and spend all day out (weather permitting of course) seeing the place on foot and taking a load of photos. I am thinking it is a possble for next year as this year's holiday plans are more or less in place.

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