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    As someone who has dramatically disappointed by the Vikings and who has recently gotten into the Anglo Saxon/Viking era thanks to games like Saga I would HIGHLY recommend watching 1066 – Battle For middle earth. Despite the title the show is told in smaller scale and is obviously done with reenactors and on a TV movie budget. My biggest gripe is the aluminium chainmail but there are a lot of greatness in this show and I came to love all 4 hours of it.You can watch a poorer quality version of part one here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnC6l6_TaMAPart 2 is also online

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    A friend and I have written a three part drama called 'Tapestry' on the events leading up to 1066. We're still hoping the BBC will take it up before 2016! Unfortunately, there are about three other scripts out there too.Mak

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    I love the 1066 program. Made it more human I felt. Hope the script got taken up Mak.

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