3 – The Island at the Edge of the World – Part 1

56 BCE to 55 BCE. Julius Caesar is coming to Britain, and he’s bringing his friends. He claimed that he wanted to punish the Celtic warriors from Britain for interferring with his Gallic wars, but modern scholars suspect that he was simply trying to bolster his resume. Whatever the case, one of the most famous generals in Roman history is coming to our island at the edge of the world. And the Britons are waiting for him.

(History of Britain, History of England, History of Wales, Celtic History, Roman History)

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  1. Hello Jamie!
    Thanks for your podcast!
    I’ve gotten interested in British history only recently. I thought that I should start with listening some podcast about it to get started and yours is just perfect for it.
    I have a question: what is the song you use in the podcasts? I am sorry if you’ve been asked this question before.

  2. great podcast, informative with enough emphasis, humanity, and points of interest to hold attention. love it. especially liked the episode that covered origins of holidays and the old pagan beliefs

  3. Thank you for this series, just started but really looking forward to working through it. Suddenly my brain is retaining the facts, it must be be the way you tell it.

  4. Hi Jamie,found your podcast on f/book and I love it,what a great idea congratulations,what an enormous amount of work you’ve got in store. I’m a big history fan and I can’t understand why everybody isn’t because history is happening every day isn’t it?

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