1. LOL…started trying to say – wait, wth? then took a sip of my ice tea and it started…now to figure out how to clean up the damn screen. This was hillarious…absolutely hillarious…daredevil was awesome and deserves a shout out.

    1. I’m glad you liked it! Daredevil is fun, but they’re lucky I don’t do a show on the law, otherwise they’d get the same treatment that Vikings does. Because wow, for a show that is about a vigilante lawyer, they sure do screw up the law a lot.

      Also, they seem to think that a DA is some sort of citywide god who can do anything to anyone. It’s amazing.

  2. Dear Jamie,

    Well, if you were trying to wake people up in a hurry, you were successful here. I love the BHP as is. It’s long on content, mercifully short on irrelevant noise.

    I appreciate your effort to provide a balanced view. You use whatever sources you can find, and discuss the possible distortions. Your view of history is inclusive: rulers, nobility, warriors, the Church, women, peasants, and even poor old Unfirth. Their lives reach out across the centuries and touch me. I identify with their struggles. You make me think, and sometimes make me laugh. That’s why I keep coming back.

    Remember hardcore men are not your only listeners! Medieval British history has been my passion for more than a half-century. The hardcore folks can select from a wide range of slasher movies!

    In fact, those irritating bleeps are the only thing I don’t like! They fall into the category of irrelevant noise. They disappeared for a long time, and are now sneaking back in. Barricade the doors! Get out the fly swatter!

    Love you and your show,


    1. You’re far too kind. I really appreciate the pep talk, and it’s always nice to hear from happy listeners, but I promise that I wasn’t doing a wake up call. This was just me teasing a vocal minority (and having a bit of fun in the meantime).

      And sorry about the bleeps. I am torn between my love of making historical figures swear, and my desire to keep my “clean” rating on iTunes.

  3. Imagine a Vikingr warrior, six foot tall, with long braided red hair, named Olaf. Now imagine that he’s wearing TOUGH armor – hardened leather with metal inserts. Just try to imagine the toughness of that! It’s like if two football players were in the field, and one football player was wearing just a jersey, and the other football player was wearing pads with a METAL helmet! Can you imagine the difference in how TOUGH they were?

    Now imagine that there are a LOT of these Vikingr warriors, standing shoulder to shoulder with their shields raised. You’ve got a row of TEN Vikingr warriors! That’s two thirds the size of a soccer team! Then imagine ROW after ROW after ROW of these sets of ten warriors, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! How terrifying would it be to see that?

    This is a quote from one of the soldiers who saw that great heathen army.


    “Their army was great and heathen.”


    1. Oh man, I want to laugh but I shouldn’t because it would be so easy to do this to me, too.

      “I mean, think about what we’re talking about here. We’ve got an April Fools episode, and while we can’t know for certain the intent in which it was written, I think we can draw several conclusions and whatnot. But first, lets talk about how terrible these sources are… because honestly, they’re awful. Seriously, was this even on April? It’s hard to say. And where were the women in this episode? We know they are out there, and yet the record is silent on them. So what were women doing in April? Frankly, we simply don’t know.”

  4. I must say I LOVE the new direction the BHP is taking. Great stuff Jamie. The old BHP was ok I suppose but it was too history based and nothing compared to this. The golf masters is on soon so I don’t suppose there’s any chance of an episode on that?

  5. Wait, Is this episode throwing shade at Dan Carlin or am I reading too much into it? If so, I’m kinda baffled by it. Research heavy history podcasting seems like a really small club to be in, and at least as far as I know Jaime is the only one to throw any smack talk around. It really isn’t a good look.

    But hey, I’m about 2 years late to the party and I’m still catching up with the episodes, so maybe something turns around in the later episodes. Or maybe there’s some Portland vs. Eugene beef going on that I don’t know about.

    1. It’s throwing shade at his ultra fans that get mad at me for “wasting time” by talking about women and culture, and tell me how I should be like Dan (actually, as I recall, that fact is in the opening line of the very episode that you’re referring to).

      I’m sure Dan’s a perfectly nice guy. Some of his fans, on the other hand, are mansplainy zealots who need to get a grip (and probably take less creatine).

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