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Joe in CT.

JAMIE got me interested in this podcast from start to finish! Originally I was into it for 1066. Next thing I know, I’m a huge Alfred fan and starting listening all over from the beginning. Read more →

Teacher Bren

Loads of information packed into stories. Thanks for all your research! Your narrative style makes it easy to understand the context and the action. I have learned a lot! Read more →

grimz69 on iTunes

love how in depth he goes on early brittania, the picts etc. his description of how the dark ages started was so evocative made me see how it could happen again today under certain circumstances. recommend this podcast if ur down to get into the details Read more →

Andrea M.

Jamie, you crush history! I was a history major in college and have always been slightly obsessed. Thank-you so much for making history so cool that my kids listen for fun! Read more →


I’m an Arkansan, with no connections to England or Britain, but this podcast is great! Jamie is entertaining and passionate about the subject, and it shows in quality and depth. Highly recommended! Read more →

Before Jamie, I could never quite grasp the power of a podcast: how it could be so informative, yet insanely witty and entertaining. Read more →

Jamie’s enthusiasm and his respect for us, his listeners, is what makes the podcast so good. He respects our intelligence and skepticism, but also his craft, and so he knows when it’s necessary to explain the difficulties of studying history, and when he needs to talk about what he feels about the sources he’s using. This mature attitude towards his… Read more →


Thank you for your podcast!! I really enjoy your unique way of retelling history. I’ve recently decided to re-read Beowulf and realized very quickly that I have a greater understanding for what’s being said than I ever did when I read it 20 years ago. For one, I know what a ring-giver is!!! Read more →