36 – Scotcast Part Two

We’re still in Pre-history… there’s a lot of it!

(History of Britain, History of Scotland, Celtic History)

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  1. Around this period of time Iceland’s volcanoes erupted fairly often too (and at one moment in history back then there was a near miss with a comet sent chunks of meteoric material to earth); so as well as the earthquakes, the ancient peoples in Scotland would have do deal with years (in one specific case an entire ten years) of weak sunshine and no summer season. Which probably coincided with those cold snaps you kept talking about and forced the peoples to abandon their farming because the crops couldn’t get enough sunlight to grow.

    There’s also a lot of speculation that some of the ancient sites on Orkney began as ‘temple complexes’ to venerate and placate the angry sun or weather gods because of these occurrences.

  2. Hi Jamie, I live less than 10 miles from Balbridie. I must have passed the site hundreds of times, yet I’ve never heard of it and there is no outward sign of it. Can’t believe that local history isn’t celebrated and talked about more in my area. Great podcast by the way, finally became a member after a couple months of listening.

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