Reviews from Real Listeners

  • Abigaelle Labadie Avatar

    Really interesting and funny while being extremely educational.

    Abigaelle Labadie 8/16/2018
  • Great History Podcast Jamie is a great storyteller. He has made British history interesting which isn’t always easy. I’ve listened to other history podcasts and found some impossible to follow, difficult to listen to, and with too many current political comments added just because the narrator wanted.

    I subscribe and get access to the extra shows. This is worth while, though the members feed was a little slow for a while.

    Jamie is political on his Twitter feed, but not here. Just good, interesting stories from long ago.

    Valtense 11/07/2017
  • Informative and entertaining! This podcast is a goldmine of information for those of us who want to learn about the so-called Dark Ages in the British Isles. Jamie's style is always refreshing and entertaining, and his passion and zeal for the subject come through in every episode. I haven't been bored yet, and I'm about two-thirds of the way through listening to all the episodes (or reading the transcripts, which come with a paid subscription). Great work!

    ElizabethMarc 6/25/2016
  • Arpan Gupta Avatar

    The best researched and as possibly unbiased and fun history podcast

    Arpan Gupta 4/26/2019
  • Excellent and entertaining This is one of my favorite podcasts. Jamie has clearly done a lot of research, and he covers in detail aspects of English history that otherwise tend to get short shrift. He started with prehistory, thoroughly covered the Roman and post-Roman periods, and is currently in the period of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy. When there is a dearth of evidence (which is a lot of the time), he explores different accounts and theories. His delving into cultural aspects of each period really give you a sense of time and place. And his informal style is entertaining and easy to listen to. Highly recommended!

    English Medieval History Buff 10/13/2014