Reviews from Real Listeners

  • Awesome podcast! Can't recommend it enough!

    PiffleMonkey 9/03/2012
  • History IS Interesting, Finally I absolutely love listening to this podcast. Not just for the content, but for Jamie's style and research methods. It isn't very often that you get such a detailed, yet different and captivating look at history. Thank you so much, Jamie, for sharing your knowledge and putting this gem out there ??

    Samsuds75 7/03/2016
  • Nick Wright Avatar

    love this podcast, it's detailed and critically analytical, but also lighthearted all at the same time. Great job, Jamie - as a history graduate I'm in awe of the job you've done here!

    Nick Wright 9/13/2019
  • Amanda Bubier Avatar

    I have recommended it multiple times

    Amanda Bubier 12/11/2019
  • A Biased History of England - and That's a Good Thing This podcast is excellent. Truly. Jamie does a wonderful job. As a self-professed British history fanatic, I was excited to find it. And OF COURSE it's a little biased, and OF COURSE Jamie connects it to modern day. That's how history works. Otherwise it's just names and dates and places, and that's not fun at all. Great podcast. Highly recommend.

    Logan642 3/24/2014