Reviews from Real Listeners

  • Awe inspiring, because the way he floats through the stories of Britain of such length and magnitude is commendable. I can only imagine the amount of hours and the level of dedication he puts into his work.

    And he has a great exciting form of narrative that engages you and makes you flip through books after you listened to his podcasts. And finally, a superb voice that is fun as opposed to the grim monotonous voice of other commentators out there.

    Pipi Newmai
  • I have been a member from the start. I knew that there were a lot of gaps in my understanding of British History and wanted to learn more than just Romans. . .blah blah blah. . .William the Conquerer. . blah. . .Wars of the Roses. . .Tudors. . .Cromwell. . . Little did I know just how wide the gaps were! The presentation is light-hearted, but based on incredibly detailed research, and Jamie freely (often) admits when there is no information. He also covers far more than battles and dates, doing his best to give a feeling for culture and society. Definitely worth the time.

    Casey Talk
  • By far the best podcast for pre-Norman British History. Even though 99% of the Roman and Anglo-Saxon ages do not exist in pop-culture, this podcast still makes you feel like you are encountering an incredible story. You don't even care anymore that you're not onto the famous kings & queens yet, because the stories preceding them are so engrossing. The podcast always takes a critical look at everything, and clearly explains what evidence that does and does not exist, which is refreshing in comparison to pop-history that just wants to make a statement on toughness or honor or other such moralistic messages.

    Patrick Wong
  • Found this podcast by accident when searching for random things I enjoy learning more about - Hadrian’s Wall actually- and even tho I’m only currently on episode 40 (yea ScotCast) this has been a fantastic find. I’m thrilled to have such a wonderful, well told and well researched history of Britain to listen to on my drive every day. Jaime, the best thing that happened to us was the recession because it gave us this project by you. Thank you.

    Heather Michaelson
  • A wealth of knowledge but presented in an engaging format. I stumbled upon this Podcast and have been thankful that I did. I have learned so much about the History of Britain, as well as, my family history! This is one of my favorite shows and I love to pick random shows and listen while I garden, cook, clean or drive. We are visiting England in September for the first time and I feel a great sense of pride for the country! Keep up the fantastic job!!!!

    Kat Smith