Reviews from Real Listeners

  • A Good Listen and Informed Work This is a wel done podcast that blends 'down to earth' humor (or humour) with a solid grasp of both the 'tales' which make history come alive and the debates which keep historians hard at work. This podcast is compelling enough that it has supplanted (for my long commute the past few years) my previous 'go to' podcast of BBC's "In Our Time". All typos are my own and not the fault of stout or its partners.

    ADoctor(of History)notonTV 10/29/2014
  • Gabriel Davis Avatar

    The information is presented well and unlike some the presenter informs when knowledge or evidence is scant. Plus it’s taken my D & D game to new levels.

    Gabriel Davis 7/16/2019
  • My favorite podcast I love this podcast! It's very in depth and perfect for people who love history in detail. Jamie covers EVERYTHING so if you wanna hear about battles and great men of history look somewhere else. But if you wanna learn about everything in English history listen to this. From the few British people I've met even their history courses havent covered the details in this podcast.

    Philfal1234 4/22/2017
  • The level of detail makes it a must-listen podcast It squeezes out every historical detail of “British islands

    Heading4Destiny 4/16/2018
  • Michael G Hemming Avatar

    Beginning 70,000 years BC from the last Ice Age, to General Cesar’s invasion of Britannia, Roman occupation, trading routes, creating loans to financially enslave subjects of Rome with goods they could not afford without high rate loans, rebellion, battles, Druidism, love, death... history.

    Michael G Hemming 1/26/2020