Reviews from Real Listeners

  • Great podcast. I stumbled across BHP last year during the episodes concerning Alfred and family. This happens to be a favorite period of time for me but, gosh, Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians was awesome. My interest was piqued by the show, The Last Kingdom in which Æthelflæd was portrayed at a young age, just married to Aethelred. I've always been facinated by AEthelflaed but never knew her accomplishments! Nice to have a heroine.

    Jamie's research is phenomenal and I love the fact that he utilizes current vernacular and never assumes we know something. I've listened to these recent episodes many times over and must admit, I wait impatiently for the next one.

    Debbie Almony Aston
  • I have been a member from the start. I knew that there were a lot of gaps in my understanding of British History and wanted to learn more than just Romans. . .blah blah blah. . .William the Conquerer. . blah. . .Wars of the Roses. . .Tudors. . .Cromwell. . . Little did I know just how wide the gaps were! The presentation is light-hearted, but based on incredibly detailed research, and Jamie freely (often) admits when there is no information. He also covers far more than battles and dates, doing his best to give a feeling for culture and society. Definitely worth the time.

    Casey Talk
  • I love this podcast! Unfortunately I cannot afford to be a member (ZAR do not stretch as far as US$) but I have listened to every single episode. I found it by accident last year and the gaps (read gaping great holes) in my knowledge of English history, which was not part of the curriculum of South African schools, has grown exponentially with each episode. I love the quirky factoids dropped here and there and the easy listening style of the podcast. The depth and breadth of the research is evident in each episode. Thank you so much for hours and hours of listening pleasure!

    Tracey Wild
  • Loving, loving this! I am born and raised Portuguese but now live in Canada and I miss real history. The history of England is fascinating and the delivery and tone of the podcast is awesome. Thank you Jamie!

    As a proud Portuguese citizen, I’m waiting with baited breath when you get first to John of Gaunt(will be some time, I know) and next, much much later, to Charles II.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to be fascinated by British history and this podcast.

    Eneida Paulo
  • What a gem this podcast is. Jamie Jeffers is a natural born narrator and historian, and maybe even a comedian! If this bores you then you may need to check your pulse to see if you are alive. Mr. Jeffers delivers painstakingly researched history made palatable to even folks who probably are disinterested in the past. I literally laugh out loud when he takes creative license and summarizes the reactions of historical figures with some of today’s more “colorful” euphemisms! If only all history teachers could use this same approach. Great job, you teach and inform me without ever failing to entertain me, keep up the great work!

    Rob Keech