Reviews from Real Listeners

  • Strolling through British History The BHP is a stroll through British History. We stroll because we are in no hurry and are enjoying the scenery with the little things we see along the way. We ponder and daydream what it would be like if we were in that same place. It is thoughtful. We do not take ourselves too seriously; but not at the expense of facts. I am enjoying this immensely and await each new episode. Careful, because it is addicting.

    Timothy the Elder 6/18/2016
  • comprehensive, informative, and fun! Jamie starts at the very, very beginning of British history and covers it with a fine-toothed comb, I especially appreciate his thorough explanation of historical sources from different eras, how subjective they are and how they impact our modern perspective on any given point in time. Jamie incorporates archaeological sources of information that are well-established and as they become available.

    However, the biggest reason I listen to this podcast is that it is just plain fun. Jamie delivers each podcast full of great information and infectious enthusiasm. His humor and intelligence lend a perspective to British history that keeps me coming back for more!

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  • Hours of entertainment It so good to hear a history podcast about all my favourite Northern

    European tribes. Great job Jamie keep it up the good work!

    Ozzy shores 8/02/2017
  • History is awesome with Jamie Listened to every episode and been a huge fan for over 4 years! Jamie is brilliant at telling history through stories and providing unbiased information. Can easily binge listen to this for hours at a time, always wanting the next episode.

    Stub34 12/01/2016
  • One of the best history podcasts out there If your view of British History goes: nothing-romans-nothing-alfred-William the conqueror-Tudors-now.. prepare to have your eyes opened.

    This podcast goes deep, way deep, in the best way possible. Jamie (with help behind the scenes from Zee) delivers a critical thinking, forensic like breakdown of the little isle that went on, for better or worse to shape so much of the modern world. I’d recommend anyone give this podcast a go. And if you can afford the time to subscribe to the members podcast you absolutely should.

    TommyTownsville 4/07/2018