Reviews from Real Listeners

  • This is a Review And it's Great!

    JS3Alternate 3/23/2017
  • Richard Lyle Avatar

    It's post-grad level historical analysis presented in a series of rivetting stories. Listen and learn without even realising you're learning. It's a joyous experience.

    Richard Lyle 1/05/2018
  • Best Pocast The podcast that gives you a time of your
    choice of a time.I get to learn about Britain every day.Jaime puts so much hard work into the BHP.He deserves something.Thank you,Jaime.

    Jormandander 3/06/2020
  • Can’t stop listening You listen to your first episode and then you can’t stop listening.I started listening around Æthestan.I have not missed a episode yet.

    Jormandander 7/27/2020
  • By far the best history podcast going Seriously-this podcast just gets better & better! If you like history, Britain and a laugh, then start listening! But it's not just a podcast-it's a whole community with a forum & social media following! With such an enthusiastic & dedicated host, what more do you want?

    handh46 9/03/2012