Reviews from Real Listeners

  • Informative, to the point and fun Really great podcast - well researched, well presented and in general, a really good listen. Would recommend to anyone wanting to know a bit more about early Britain. Good job!

    RabSsem 9/19/2011
  • I love Jamie Jamie takes the massive compendium of British history and synthesizes relatively short and highly enjoyable episodes anyone can enjoy.

    non-horrible midwest austin 2/16/2017
  • The B.H.P. gets ALL of the stars!!! This podcast is a history geek’s dream come true. Jamie is a natural story teller. He also provides crucial context that is normally just skipped over by pop-history books/shows. I can’t describe how saddened I am now that I am caught up... I also can’t recommend this podcast more! It is riveting and hilarious. The use of music, sound effects, professional interviews and honesty is perfect. I wish i could force everyone to listen to this podcast. Jamie approaches history in a way that just pulls you in. Thank you for taking this on. Thank you so much! Never ever stop! There is still so much more to cover and I can’t wait to be a part of it!

    Hawk-Woo 11/07/2018
  • great podcast My only complaint is that now I am caught up with the podcast, I have to wait for new episodes. This is hard to do.

    hcw80 6/16/2014
  • C'est un excellent Podcast J'écoute cette série sur l'histoire de l'Angleterre depuis quelques semaines avec beaucoup d'attention car elle est bonne, sérieuse et aussi sans prétention.
    La voix est agréable à suivre. On apprend beaucoup, ça me fascine...
    Merci beaucoup,
    Je la recommande à tous mes amis qui peuvent comprendre l'anglais. Excellent travail!!
    Merci! Il faut continuer!!
    Jean-François Bisaillon
    Montréal, Québec, Canada

    Momo 2406 6/04/2013