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From my research into brewing history in England, most estates and monasteries would brew several different types of beer for different reasons.  One of the strongest (what we would call a strong ale or barley wine today) would be made for special occasions and for the heads of the house and head of the monastery.  While brewing this strong ale, they would make a “small ale” from the run off, which would be quite weak.  This beer was given out for more of an every day drink.  The more standard beer made was also quite weak (by weak, I'm talking around the 3-4% range), which was their main (along with the small ale) drink.So the "wort" beer Jamie mentions fits in with this.  Also, if you live in the US and want to try a "small beer" that really is made from the remains of a barleywine, Anchor Steam occasionally puts it out, using the remains of what they made their Foghorn barleywine with.Also, please keep in mind I'm going from memory on this, so the alcohol percentage above may be off, but the general idea is not.  Also, my information on the history of this comes from a later time in history, starting at least a few hundred years in the future of when this podcasts talks about.