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There is a really detailed article on making medieval ale here real craft. Monks would have drunk with meals(only two per day remember) as well, much depended on the day and the fasts of the religious calendar. 5 litres a day is mentioned in some sources (although I haven't been able to verify that, and it would surely have been at the top end of consumption) be honest we are absolute light weights in drinking terms compared to most periods of history. And the navy used Rum heavily to replace the beer that spoiled easily: check out, half a pint of rum every day, which might then be diluted to form grog. Think about that. Half a pint doesn't sound a lot, but then get your head round drinking half a pint of rum. Take a nice frosty pint glass and half fill it with rum. then fill the other half with lemon juice and water. Then drink it when hot/cold, climbing masts, hauling ropes and running the guns in and out. Then do that every day. Three Sheets to the wind indeed!Now imagine being a Victorian in squalid parts of London; gin lane, easy girls, disease and plenty of spirits. There is no way a modern, unpractised person would keep up with the consumption levels of previous periods without length habituation periods. I don't know anyone who could knock back a bottle of port, let alone several. Modern light beers like Coors would probably be seen as sort of like weak water.