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Bringing this thread back from the dead to share my part:I'm a regulatory compliance analyst for a very large financial institution. What that means is that I receive reports from other parts of the company regarding transactional activity that doesn't "smell right," as it were. I then make a more thorough investigation, which usually involves a lot of caffeine and scrutiny, and either write out why it is or isn't suspicious. If not, life goes on. If it is suspicious, I write a narrative regarding the activity, the possible identities of any suspects, and what appears to be happening. Then I put that information into a form called a SAR, or Suspicious Activity Report, and transmit it to FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) - a department of the US Treasury, or one of many other FIUs (Financial Intelligence Units, such as CSSF in the EU, PBC in China, etc) depending on jurisdiction.Depending on the type of activity I might be piecing together what happens after your card is stolen from a store database, or I might be investigating drug traffickers and child predators. I never really get any feedback from the gov't on whether a particular report was instrumental in an arrest, and it's difficult to attribute any one report to something like a large CP bust or breakup of a skimmer ring. Tipoff laws are serious business, so at the risk of sounding like a cheesy spy novel, I can't disclose too much. It's rewarding in its own way if you don't dwell on the lack of knowledge regarding your effclect to an investigation.