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I'm loving all the beer, whisk(e)y and wine that's been teased out of this thread! I brewed a few batches of beer with a room mate a few years back, and it was great fun, and with very nice results. The brew-shed in particular is really cool. Unfortunately, I've lacked a basement or kitchen ever since (though gained a live-in girlfriend, so it's not all bad :)).Anyway, I work at a middle school as a special education tutor. These days, special ed is mostly about inclusion and providing extra support to mainstream kids as well, so I generally move about the school working with all the kids. It's great fun, and provides tons of opportunities for creativity! Doesn't pay very well, but some day I'll jump into being a history teacher. I also run a Retro-Videogame club (which nowadays means N64) after school for autistic kids. I'm hoping to get a history club together next trimester, too, where I could hopefully use some of this podcast! I think the kids would find the Edwin saga particularly entertaining.