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I currently am in postgrad studies in history, focusing on the early mediaeval period in the British Isles.  I may be leaving that soon though, as I have applied to a Mediaeval Archaeology programme at York.  I really hope this works out!  Not the least because, though I have been interested in archaeology since I was young, I have never properly studies it, and extant written material is relatively limited relating to my historical focus.  Anyway, history and archaeology work best in conjunction.  ^.^;;  I really must thank Jamie and his podcast for leading me in this direction!  When he had the Viking series up with the archaeologist, I began to look into doing a summer dig in York to gain some experience, and instead I stumbled upon a this programme.  I am cautiously (timidly) optimistic.Outside of that, I work at a Barnes and Noble cafe... which is a bit less interesting.